About Hanandeh

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About Hanandeh

Ahmad Hanandeh is the Chief Executive Officer of Zain Jordan, a leading Telecommunications company with more than 1300 employees and over 469 million US Dollars in revenues. He joined Zain Group in 2011 as Zain Sudan Chief Financial Officer and after less than three months demonstrated exceptional leadership and business acumen that he was appointed the CEO of Zain Jordan in June 2011.

Hanandeh's Leadership

Under Hanandeh’s leadership, Zain Jordan launched new technologies, expanded into new revenue streams, enhanced its Customer Experience and Satisfaction Index, increased its Employee Engagement scores, and launched the first of its kind Corporate Entrepreneurship entity within the Middle East region placing Zain Jordan as the leader in the Telecom sector within Jordan.

Hanandeh's Experience

Prior to joining the Zain Family, Hanandeh was Chief Executive Officer of Posta Plus, a Gulf-based company specializing in world-class delivery, courier and postal services across the Middle East, for four years. During that period of his career, he accumulated unique leadership capabilities within a diverse and multicultural environment. Back in 1994 and till 2006, he was a key member of Aramex Group, where he initially joined as an accountant and became a country manager in numerous Aramex’s Asian stations.

Hanandeh's Career

Throughout his career, Hanandeh focused on investing in people’s energy and company resources to better communities and provide fair and equal opportunities to its labor force by emphasizing key values of trust, respect and transparency. As a leader, Hanandeh is able to drive strategic direction and at the same time motivate people towards operational performance and excellence.